November 13, 2021

URGENT Proposed Bill Language for Florida’s Special Session

The world is watching Florida to see if we will survive with our God granted Freedoms or fall to vaccine mandates, of which, we will never recover.

Current special session includes language that would create the path forward for mandatory adult vaccination for private businesses and carve out the infrastructure for adult vaccine mandate program inclusive of tracking.  Moreover, the legislation does not protect the unvaccinated from discrimination, and does protect the vaccinated.

Health Freedom Florida (HFF) with National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) has created two solutions for consideration for Florida’s special session:

1. Pursuing amending existing law under SB2006 which passed earlier this year (which set regulatory law on private businesses.) Seeking expansion to include protections for all Floridians inclusive of the vaccinated, unvaccinated and immunity derived.

2. This would be amending the existing language with the proposed bill SB2B & HB1B.  This would revise the language to remove the discriminatory practices the proposed language creates for Florida employees and employers.  Further, we are seeing a heavy hand come down from Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and Big Gov, and HFF/NVIC have included anti-discrimination language to protect all.  The suggested language does what the Governor wants; stops vaccine mandates for employees, employer and for the government having to institute policy, procedures to accommodate the bill.  And Floridians remain free from government and corporate control allowing people to continue getting back to “normal.’

Take action now.

Remember, the world is watching to see if we fall.