Frequently Asked Questions

We recently moved to Florida, what types of exemptions are available for my child?

The state of Florida currently offers two forms of immunization exemptions: Medical and Religious. These exemptions are provided for children under 18 years of age by The Florida Department of Health. College students and adults are not provided exemptions from Florida Department of Health.

Private health care providers may grant a Temporary Medical Exemption (TME), documented on the Form DH 680, Florida Certification of Immunization, for those who are in the process of completing any necessary immunizations. The TME requires an expiration date after which the exemption is no longer valid, and the immunizations must be completed before or at that time.

A Permanent Medical Exemption, documented on the Form DH 680, can be granted if a child cannot be fully immunized due to medical reasons. In this case, the child’s physician must state in writing, the reasons for exemption based on valid clinical reasoning or evidence.

Form DH 681, Religious Exemption From Immunization, is issued if immunizations are in conflict with the informal or formal religious tenets and practices of the child’s parent or guardian. This exemption is issued by any County Health Department.

A request for a religious exemption from immunization requirements must be presented to the facility/school on the Department of Health’s Religious Exemption From Immunization (DH 681 Form). Religious exemption from immunization requirements is located at:

If you have a child in college, all students who attend a Florida college and reside on campus should receive a meningitis and hepatitis B vaccine, or submit a waiver stating that they do not want the vaccine (if the student is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver). You should contact the specific college to find out their requirements and procedures.


Help, I need to get a religious exemption for my child’s school admittance?

A request for a religious exemption from immunization requirements must be presented to the facility/school on the Department of Health’s Religious Exemption From Immunization (DH 681 Form). The Form is issued ONLY by county health departments and only for a child who is not immunized because of his/her family’s religious tenets or practices. Religious exemption from immunization requirements is located at:

It is critical to note that by law the Health Department cannot deny you a Religious Exemption for any reason.  Moreover, they cannot compel you to sign any document. The only requirement is for you to show up in person and request the exemption.  No other activities are required.  If they attempt to have you sign any documents please let them know it is a violation. If they insist you meet with staff to discuss vaccinations please let them know it is a violation.  Please provide them with the contact information of Department of Health’s Chief Legal Counsel, Amanda Bush ([email protected] or call her cell 850-666-0980.) Again, do not let them coerce or force you to sign or participate in any discussions.  It is government overreach if they attempt these actions and it is up to you to let them know they are obstructing your Rights.

Locate your county health department:

In January 2021 tracking Floridians vaccinations became legal. How do I remove myself and/or my family from Florida Shots database?

Everyone is automatically OPTED IN to Florida Shots the Governments Vaccine Tracking Registry. There is what they are calling an “Opt-Out” option. While, there is no “true” Opt-Out as the data will remain in the Government database, if you provide a completed Opt-Out form to Florida Shots your information will be “blocked” for anyone to view.

You do not need to complete any form to participate in Florida SHOTS however, to remove yourself or your child you must complete an Opt-Out Form and submit it to Florida Shots. Once you have opted out you will have to send a written request to opt you or your child back into the registry. With the aggressive Biden Administration tactics regarding the COVID vaccine we encourage all Floridian’s to take advantage of the Opt-Out option to retain your privacy.

Is this the main Children’s Health Defense organization?

No, this is Florida State Chapter of Children’s Health Defense. State chapters focus on state-specific lawsuits and advocacy. Go to Children’s Health Defense National if you are looking for the parent organization.

Is Children’s Health Defense associated with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Yes. He is the Chief Legal Counsel and Chair of Children’s Health Defense.